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Dr. Elizabeth Hall

Strategic Advisor to Senior Leaders and
Transformational Coach
Conquering unique challenges faced by leaders in Healthcare, Education, and Business
Healthcare Executives and Medical Directors

I help Healthcare Executives, Graduate Medical Education Officers, and Medical Directors to execute an effective and impactful Coaching component to their Wellness program for interns, residents, fellows.  

Business Owners and Corporate Executives

Business leaders work with me when they are struggling with their personal influencing  skills, a waning network of powerful relationships, overwhelm and time management, lack of engagement and productivity among team members, and a perceived inability to change the teams and culture of their organization.

Certification Coaches

During their certification process, eager Co-active Coaches from various countries hire me to coach and mentor them to enhance their professional coaching skills and develop their coaching business  

Therapy Sessions
Why My Clients Hire Me

My clients hire me when they want to:


  • seek a safe space in which to explore, discover, and realize transformative change

  • build a high-performing culture within their organization 

  • exert authentic influence

  • be seen as a leader

  • create and grow high-performing teams

  • develop their inner game, responding with confidence, mental toughness, and resilience under pressure

  • enhance their emotional intelligence to inspire, motivate, and engage their teams

  • manage overwhelm and time and priority management

About me

I have over twenty years of study and practice in positive behavior change and motivational interventions.  I have achieved a PhD in Applied Health Science, Health Promotion, focusing on Positive Psychology and Motivational Interventions for affirmative behavior change. My clients also appreciate my Master of Science in Education, enabling me to bridge the gap between theory, scientific research, and practical application of best coaching practices.

For Leaders in ...

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Getting It Done Coaching with me.

Health Care

Corporations and Business



Coach Certification

"Coaching with Elizabeth is a life-changer.  Before I starting coaching with her, I was just trying to get through my day.  Now, I show up, look forward, face challenges, recognize my triggers and get stuff done. My team is happier, my family is happier, and I'm happier. She creates sessions that are engaging, honest, motivating, and forward moving. I look forward to them."
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