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About Me

My clients hire me when they want to:


  • seek to build a high-performing culture within their organization 

  • exert authentic influence

  • be seen as a leader

  • create and grow high-performing teams

  • develop their inner game, responding with confidence, mental toughness, and resilience under pressure

  • enhance their emotional intelligence to inspire, motivate, and engage their teams

  • manage overwhelm and time and priority management


When you engage in a working relationship with me, you benefit from my ongoing, personalized coaching and strategic support in addressing your most persistent challenges.  I use evidence-based, theoretically backed systems and methodologies that provide value for you, and resolutions to your pressing problems.  I deliver practical solutions for high-achieving professionals to adjust behaviors, pivot from an “old way” to a “new way” of self-management, reduce feelings of stress and burnout, improve communication, and work better with, and through, others.


I create a professional, confidential, compelling learning lab for you to gain laser-focused clarity, to be consistent with what you need to achieve, and to actualize your impossible.  Through the use of well-developed processes, I help you to deepen your awareness of your self-limiting beliefs and strengthen your personal command, agency, and influence.


My practice comprises strategic advising corporate executives and leaders, leaders in medicine, entrepreneurs/solopreneurs, and coach trainees to strengthen their influencing skills, engage and mobilize their teams, and grow their power base.  I facilitate and coach teams and leaders in health care, law, and education.  Additionally, I coach and mentor coach trainees to the achievement of their certification. 


I walk with my clients on their journey to actualize the unique and discernable purpose of their existence.


I have over twenty years of study and practice in positive behavior change and motivational interventions.  I have achieved a PhD in Applied Health Science, Health Promotion, focusing on Positive Psychology and Motivational Interventions for affirmative behavior change. My clients also appreciate my Master of Science in Education, enabling me to bridge the gap between theory, scientific research, and practical application of best coaching practices.  In addition to multiple client success stories, I hold certification as a Professional Co-Active Coach with the Coaches Training Institute, considered the “gold standard” of coach training (Harvard Medical School) and accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach., certifications in grief and crisis management, and qualifications in administering highly validated assessment tools.  Additionally, I have authored peer-reviewed coaching research articles, I am mentor to coach trainees, and I have developed a curriculum to train groups in the method of motivational coaching. 

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