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CTI Certification Coach Candidates

Imposter Syndrome?


When my Certification Coaching clients tell me that they are suffering imposter syndrome, I ask them these questions, and here’s how they often reply:


Why do you want to be a coach?


To help others to live their best lives

To make a positive difference in our world

To contribute with generosity, abundance, and vulnerability for the sake of others finding their truth

To hear and see someone else so that they know that they are worthy of being seen and heard

To support and show my humanity to others


Who are you being when you coach?


My true and authentic self

True to who I am

An truthful, active listener

A humble resource

A non-judging supporter


How do you show up as a coach?



All in

Present and spacious




Loving and patient



So break it down … ask yourself these questions … seek to know you … first you.    When you have a full and glowing sense of who you are being, you will be who you are for others.  No “impostering.”  Truly being. 


Now ask yourself:  How can I be an imposter when I am being me?   That’s right … you are a coach!


And remember, we are great at introspection; it's just that we are not great at doing it on our own … coaching enables introspection.  Introspection goes to our core, and our core holds our glowing self.







  With me ...



Eager Co-active Coaches from various countries work with me to be professionally coached and mentored during their certification process.  As a coach working toward certification, you are simultaneously positioning yourself so that others are drawn to be coached by you; I will guide you through this process. 


CTI Certification Coaches engage in coaching with me because they desire:


  • ongoing support in expanding their coaching being and their network

  • confidence to be the awesome coach that they are

  • secure strong coaching engagements to build a successful practice

  • clarity about, and focus on, their coaching goals


Be a successful CPCC, establish your coaching practice, and be supported through a practical, step-by-step process to cultivate your coaching business ... connect with me.


I offer a unique blend of practical, evidence-based, theoretically backed programs gleaned from my PhD studies and research, and my years of experience as an individual, team, leadership, and executive coach. My clients receive wholehearted, broadminded and progressive coaching based on positive psychology and neuroscience. 


I am an experienced, expert strategic advisor and solutions provider for launching solid coaching practices for GME Wellness programs.  I have achieved a PhD in Applied Health Science, Health Promotion, with a focus on Positive Psychology and Motivational Interventions for affirmative behavior change. My clients also appreciate my Master of Science in Education, enabling me to bridge the gap between theory, scientific research, and practical application of best coaching practices. I am deeply interested in how the mind, body, spirit, and heart interact. I have certifications in grief and crisis management, and qualifications in administering highly validated assessment tools.  Additionally, I have authored peer-reviewed coaching research articles. Significantly, I am a CPCC and my coaching includes knowledge of neuroscience, co-active coaching, and positive psychology. I also have the ICF credential of Professional Certified Coach (PCC).  I coach CTI Certification students through their exciting and empowering certification process and to business development and growth.

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