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Individual and Relationship Coaching

Individual Coaching

What do you need to change in your life?  What do you constantly bump into?  What are the barriers to your happiness and joy?  What is the cost to you?  My expert level, one-on-one, committed relationship with you will support you to:

  • claim your powerful, resonant life purpose

  • recognize your inner leader 

  • become aware of, understand, and manage, your saboteur

  • clarify your vision of what you want

  • state your "why"

  • raise your expectations and 

  • create sustainable energy 

  • live with intention, attention, and self-kindness

  • build the best you

  • establish the behavior that you would like to grow stronger

  • practice what you would like to grow 

  • learn the discipline of joy

  • give yourself permission to change

  • forward your action

  • deepen your learning of who you are being

  • be consistent

  • be joyful

If you feel that you are living a life of "less than," we should talk.  

I offer co-active consciousness coaching to help you achieve the most magnificent results in your desire to change the way that you are living  your life. I will help you to access your values, purpose, power, and wisdom in support of your personal and professional goals. Together, we will uncover your saboteurs, and replace your negative self talk with the voice of your Sage.   Contact me to see how I can help you to develop different perspectives and achieve your desired outcomes.  The only one who has the power to hold you back is you ... if you disagree, we should talk!


Relationship Coaching


Couples hire me when they are challenged by the mystery of what is trying to happen in and through their relationship, and who they want to be in this experience.  In its wisdom, the relationship is evaluating and looking for a new way.  I help my clients to recognize what is happening now in the relationship, and the necessary direction in which the relationship is pointing for growth and longevity.


Often times, when faced with a difficult situation and conversation, couples become frustrated, defensive, resistant, avoidant, or critical of each other and/or self. The residual feelings and behaviors become self-propagating.  


It doesn’t have to be this way. I have a tried and true methodology to:


  • Increase the overall positivity of the relationship

  • Decrease negativity during conflict

  • Raise awareness of what creates harshness

  • Develop tools to bring to difficult conversations

  • Learn to unconditionally love ourselves (first me – very different from me first)

  • Consciousness of role sets

  • Bring curiosity to your conversations

  • Resist assumptions

  • Gain awareness of who you want to be in the relationship

  • Recognize differences with kindness

  • Validate individuation 

If your desire is to stop feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, burdened by what happening in your relationship now, then we should connect.  


Please feel free to contact me below, or call/text  508 737 8638.

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